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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What is that thing?

I love a good mystery. Swapatorium's got a great post about an electro-mechanical mystery bulldog that he found in a box from an estate sale. Can you guess what its purpose might have been?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Salvation Hat

Just posted a new comic on PopeAlien.com - Salvation hat!

Also an answer to the question: What if blood was flammable?

But who am I trying to kid? This comic hasn't been weekly since I-can't-recall-when. I'm going to try to keep the site updated, but it will no longer be weekly (since it isn't really now anyways). If you'd like to know when I update the site you can subscribe to my notify list. Join the hundreds of happy subscribers already there, and may you have a super-happy day!

Hey Apple: What is this 1986?!?

What's with the Mac TV ads featuring john hodgson as a suit-wearing pc geek vs the hip young Mac? Its like they're reaching way, way back in time to an era when the IBM PC ran DOS on an ascii display and then the Macintosh came along with a (gasp) mouse!

Doesn't everyone know by now that both platforms run the essentially same software at the same speed on the same processors? If you want to lay claim to some sort of unique creative quality based on the computer you used show me the color pallette cycling animations you created on your amiga 500.

How gay do you have to be (in the seventh grade sense of the word) to think that having the same silver box as a thousand other people is going to turn you into a creative genius?

Creativity doesn't come out of a silver, beige or black box, it comes out of your guts: your heart, your brain, and yes, possibly a little bit out of your spleen.

So use whatever tools work best for you, and fuck the image-mongers with their latte-stained turtlenecks typing up ad-copy on their macbook pros.