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Sunday, September 17, 2006

this week: how to get rich

Yep, here it is: how you can go and get yourself so filthy stinking rich that people will fear you. Strike awe into the hearts of your neigbors. Start your own nation. Pave your lawn in gold. This is how to get rich.

Also this week for advice: any ideas? along with how to get a girlfriend for your unattractive friend.

I've also got some plans brewing to make more stickers magnets and pins.. stay tuned.

$400,000 hippo china

Sometimes you just need a little something special, something that stands out and says 'this is who I am. And what better way to do it than commisioning a $400,000 custom painted china set featuring images of hippos? What says refined elegance and class better than hippos? From the wall street journal(subscription):

When collector Richard Baron Cohen decided three years ago to commission a historic set of porcelain dinnerware, he sought out a storied producer, Denmark's Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. He selected its most prestigious pattern, a 1790 design created for Catherine the Great. Finally, he enlisted the factory's semiretired master painter to give each one of the 144 pieces its crowning touch -- hippopotami.

Fully readable version with personal viewpoint and no subscription required at jalopyjunktown.