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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rush Limbaugh will try not to do any more drugs..

Conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh surrendered Friday at the Palm Beach County Jail on a warrant relating to his drug addiction to oxycontin. Story in the seattle times.

Limbaugh was booked, photographed and fingerprinted before being released on $3,000 bond. He has steadily maintained his innocence.

Black called the charge a formality to bring closure to the case, adding that Limbaugh has been drug-free for 2 ½ years.

Remember folks, hillbilly heroin is for professional talkshow hosts only!..

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Because comics CAN be better via the miracle of cut-n-paste, it's BetterComix! Jason Beattie takes the days comic page, cuts em up and re-arranges them into better comics. Some funny stuff there, but forget that! here's what we need! cops -- and guns!*

(*May make sense after viewing the link)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

OhNoRobot! Web comic search engine!

Sometimes you want to be able to search a comic for a bit of dialogue you remember or for a specific setting or topic – unfortunately search engines can only read and index text, and cant recognize words within an image. This means that searching for a web-comic based on the words that make up the script is impossible.

OhNoRobot is a web-comic transcript search tool – It can’t read the contents of an image, but it lets you set up a system to get your webcomics transcribed into search friendly text. I’ve transcribed a few strips so far, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

How does it work? Any strip that is not yet transcribed has a “transcribe this comic” button at the bottom of the page that looks like this. Just press it to open the transcription window and copy the words from the comic into that window.. Don’t worry too much about formatting, I’ll do that before I post the transcription.

I’ve also added a ‘random comic’ button to the bottom of the comic viewer page to bring up one of the previously transcribed comics randomly! Ker-Pow!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Girl Genius Online!

Well Howdy-doo! I just found out that Phil & Kaja Foglio have a webcomic at girlgeniusonline.com.. I remember some of Phil Foglio's comics from the eighties, I've got a copy of Buck Godot - Zap gun for hire, but I havent kept up to date on whats happening in the foglio world.

I just found girl genius, and I look forward to sitting down and reading the archives when I've got the time. I don't usually have the patience for serial web-comics, but based on past material I'll definately be giving this one a chance.