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Sunday, September 17, 2006

$400,000 hippo china

Sometimes you just need a little something special, something that stands out and says 'this is who I am. And what better way to do it than commisioning a $400,000 custom painted china set featuring images of hippos? What says refined elegance and class better than hippos? From the wall street journal(subscription):

When collector Richard Baron Cohen decided three years ago to commission a historic set of porcelain dinnerware, he sought out a storied producer, Denmark's Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. He selected its most prestigious pattern, a 1790 design created for Catherine the Great. Finally, he enlisted the factory's semiretired master painter to give each one of the 144 pieces its crowning touch -- hippopotami.

Fully readable version with personal viewpoint and no subscription required at jalopyjunktown.



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