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Monday, August 21, 2006

This week on Popealien.com

This week on PopeAlien.com we've got a guest comic from the sylish and serene Graeme Partridge-David, a man who is not afraid to explore the smell of a bag of souls. We also have an answer to the burning question: "Why does ice-cream taste so good?"



  • Seems to me like y'all are running out of inspiration. Is that because reality has become too surreal for you? The Pope Alien has already conquered all?

    Anyway, suggested topic for a joke, though I don't see the humor. It's actually a silence joke--the silence of Senator McCain as Dubya proclaims the goodness of American-brand torture.

    By shanen, at 2:37 PM  

  • Yeah, I think reality has become a bit too surreal indeed. I've far from conquered all, mayhaps it is the other way around.

    I've got a few sketchbook doodles for future strips, I'll try to get one done up right and posted soon.

    Thanks for the nudge,


    By the pope, at 4:18 PM  

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