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Saturday, June 18, 2005

All Your Base are Five Years Old.

So the 'All your base are belong to us' meme is now five years old. Thats so old it almost retro!

Alas, the current hep thing is extreme futurism so maybe its time to find a new meme?



  • FIve years old? Where does the time go? Wait... that would make it a 2000 saying, wheras the Genesis is much older. It's even older and creakier than we thought. What we do? Nothing! Because ALL YOUR BASE NOW BELONG TO ME!!! Sorry.

    By Anus the semi-civilized barbanian, at 1:02 AM  

  • I did NOT mean to leave the 'g' out. Dear God, I'm going back to Junior high....

    By AnGus the semi-civilized barbarian, at 1:04 AM  

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