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Friday, June 22, 2007

God is punishing Realtors in Florida

I can never remember.. Is Mammon good or evil?
The Real Estate Prayer Luncheon was organized in hopes of breathing life and positive thinking into the area’s slumping housing market.

It was the first of what the organizers — co-owner of Crye Leike Coastal Realty Wanda Duke, former Destin City Councilman Mel Ponder and Destiny Worship Center Pastor Steve Vaggalis — hope will become a regular, uplifting event.
Full story in the Northwest Florida Daily News.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I'm back yo! and in full-effect. Time to rock the house shoe. This weeks comic is called 'complaints' and its in a different style than most of the others. Quite a bit rougher visually, but I enjoy the process and the result so I'll probably be doing some more like this in the future.

Can you imagine how many complaints and unhappy customers you would have to deal with if you were a powerful tyrant? I wonder if it would eventually just bring you down when carefully vicious act after vicious act just brought more and more complaints. You know what they say: You can't please all the people all of the time.

Also this week: how to keep billionaires from peeping in your window.

High tech automobile

Now this is a car! This hatchback is one of those things you see walking down the street that makes you glad you have a camera in your pocket. The entire outside of the car is covered in old motherboards, chips, ISA cards, you name it, and then everything is painted a matte battleship grey.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What is that thing?

I love a good mystery. Swapatorium's got a great post about an electro-mechanical mystery bulldog that he found in a box from an estate sale. Can you guess what its purpose might have been?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Salvation Hat

Just posted a new comic on PopeAlien.com - Salvation hat!

Also an answer to the question: What if blood was flammable?

But who am I trying to kid? This comic hasn't been weekly since I-can't-recall-when. I'm going to try to keep the site updated, but it will no longer be weekly (since it isn't really now anyways). If you'd like to know when I update the site you can subscribe to my notify list. Join the hundreds of happy subscribers already there, and may you have a super-happy day!

Hey Apple: What is this 1986?!?

What's with the Mac TV ads featuring john hodgson as a suit-wearing pc geek vs the hip young Mac? Its like they're reaching way, way back in time to an era when the IBM PC ran DOS on an ascii display and then the Macintosh came along with a (gasp) mouse!

Doesn't everyone know by now that both platforms run the essentially same software at the same speed on the same processors? If you want to lay claim to some sort of unique creative quality based on the computer you used show me the color pallette cycling animations you created on your amiga 500.

How gay do you have to be (in the seventh grade sense of the word) to think that having the same silver box as a thousand other people is going to turn you into a creative genius?

Creativity doesn't come out of a silver, beige or black box, it comes out of your guts: your heart, your brain, and yes, possibly a little bit out of your spleen.

So use whatever tools work best for you, and fuck the image-mongers with their latte-stained turtlenecks typing up ad-copy on their macbook pros.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

this week: how to get rich

Yep, here it is: how you can go and get yourself so filthy stinking rich that people will fear you. Strike awe into the hearts of your neigbors. Start your own nation. Pave your lawn in gold. This is how to get rich.

Also this week for advice: any ideas? along with how to get a girlfriend for your unattractive friend.

I've also got some plans brewing to make more stickers magnets and pins.. stay tuned.

$400,000 hippo china

Sometimes you just need a little something special, something that stands out and says 'this is who I am. And what better way to do it than commisioning a $400,000 custom painted china set featuring images of hippos? What says refined elegance and class better than hippos? From the wall street journal(subscription):

When collector Richard Baron Cohen decided three years ago to commission a historic set of porcelain dinnerware, he sought out a storied producer, Denmark's Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. He selected its most prestigious pattern, a 1790 design created for Catherine the Great. Finally, he enlisted the factory's semiretired master painter to give each one of the 144 pieces its crowning touch -- hippopotami.

Fully readable version with personal viewpoint and no subscription required at jalopyjunktown.

Monday, August 21, 2006

This week on Popealien.com

This week on PopeAlien.com we've got a guest comic from the sylish and serene Graeme Partridge-David, a man who is not afraid to explore the smell of a bag of souls. We also have an answer to the burning question: "Why does ice-cream taste so good?"

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I will wear socks with sandals!

I will wear socks with sandals.

I will feel the open comfort of sandals blended seamlessly with the embracing warmth of a good pair of socks. I will live wild, fearless and free. The fashion police have no jurisdiction here. I will wear white socks with black sandals and black socks with brown sandals and velcro and rubber and I will be like Jesus with warm toes.

I will draw power from my comfortable feet. I will defy all convention. I will remain steadfast, unwavering and boldly unapologetic in the face of all adversity for I will be comfortable and comfort will be my guiding light.

I will wear SOCKS with SANDALS!